Slashing single-use plastics from Indonesia’s laundry industry

Why Refill Systems?

Laundry stores are an essential service for many Indonesians. In Jakarta alone, millions of people make use of laundry stores – with virtually one on every corner. It is estimated, though, that 80,000 tons of single-use plastic – primarily in the form of detergent packaging – are discarded within the laundry industry in Indonesia every year.

How WashBy reforms Indonesia’s laundry industry

WashBy provides a sustainable alternative to detergent packaging through a detergent dispenser. The refill model allows laundry store owners to buy detergent in bulk straight from the producer, thus saving money and plastic in the process. By shortening the supply chain, WashBy offers a more cost-efficient detergent with the same quality and zero plastic waste.


Since the launch of WashBy’s pilot program in 2020, around 300 liters of product have been sold, preventing more than 5,500 single-use sachets from entering the environment. Our aim is to expand WashBy’s operations to a home delivery system for detergent products in customized reusable packaging to provide customers with a convenient, affordable and sustainable alternative for their laundry needs.

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