A one-stop learning and shopping platform that enables consumers to adopt zero waste lifestyles

Why Sustaination?

By selling reusable products, posting blogs that raise awareness about zero-waste lifestyles, and creating podcasts that discuss environmental initiatives, Sustaination battles the misconceptions surrounding sustainability and inspires Indonesians to transition toward a lifestyle in harmony with nature. The company is led by an impact-focused, passionate team of five women, all of whom are committed to upholding Sustaination’s core values of being local, impactful, and holistically sustainable.

Whether selling menstrual cups that provide women with sanitary substitutes to disposable pads or introducing a #thinkbeforeyoubuy campaign that invites customers to have a mindful shopping experience, Sustaination is differentiating itself from conventional e-commerce platforms by offering wholly sustainable products and discouraging impulsive buying. 

Our Impact

Less than two years after its launch, Sustaination has already saved more than 6 million disposables and 30,000 kg of plastic per year, and its impact is only expected to grow in the coming years. 

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