The reusable alternative to single-use plastic sachets in Indonesia’s warungs and waste banks

Why Reusable Packaging?

An estimated 5,5 million single-use sachets of detergent alone are wasted daily in Indonesia. While sachets provide consumers with easy access to daily needs products, they’re one of the most problematic forms of waste in the country: due to the low quality materials they’re made of, they cannot be recycled and are bound to leak into the environment. With Koinpack’s reuse system, we’re preventing single-use plastic sachets from being created altogether.

How Koinpack solves the single-use sachet crisis

Koinpack operates a blockchain-inspired, tech-enabled refill system of reusable packaging for consumer goods spread through the network of local warungs (high-frequency stores). Brands are provided with a zero-waste opportunity to sell their home and personal care products, while consumers get more value for their money and can generate savings by returning their reusable containers.

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The first pilot program kicked off in West Jakarta, Indonesia in March 2020 with an initial batch of 90 reusable packaging items. In the span of a month,  Koinpack avoided 200+ sachets in two warung stores, and its impact has grown exponentially since. Scaling the system to 1,000 warung stores would allow Koinpack to avoid at least 1 million sachets per year!

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