Indonesia’s first e-commerce platform serving fresh and organic produce from local farmers directly to urban consumers through a fully reusable, circular delivery system.

Why Circular Food Delivery?

Conventional food supply chains typically accommodate monoculture chemical agriculture, and require intermediaries to deliver food from farmers to consumers. Due to inefficiencies throughout the process, a substantial amount of food is being wasted alongside vast amounts of plastic packaging left behind.

How Kecipir ensures organic and sustainable food for all

Kecipir’s farm-to-fork model not only increases farmer income by 40%, it radically reduces the use of single-use plastics such as bags, styrofoam trays and foils via a circular delivery system. 

Predicting their harvest yield, farmers list their produce on Kecipir’s website where consumers can place their order and then get fresh food delivered to their doorsteps in reusable containers. When registering in the system, consumers are assigned an agent, usually the one closest to their home, but changing agents is possible. Payments are made by bank transfer, credit or debit card, cash-on-delivery, or by Kecipir Green Cash, which is essentially a card you can top up with money to make purchases on the site.

Venture builder:

Tauhid Pandji





Finalized Goal, Scaling


Kecipir is reducing about 0,5 tons per year by serving 1,200 orders per month. Following growth projections, the amount of plastic that can be avoided will rise to over 2,5 tons per year by 2021, and 116 tons per year by 2024!