The one-stop solution to free Indonesia’s hospitality and retail industry from single-use plastic bottles 

Why Water Filtration Systems?

Indonesia is a hot spot for tourists, with an estimated 15 million visitors checking into over 3.3 million hotels across the country’s islands annually. An average visitor in Indonesia leaves about 1.5kg of waste per night, in resorts even up to 6kg – a total of 20-90 million kg of waste every year!

How Econesia eliminates the need for plastic bottles

Econesia offers hotels the opportunity to remove all single-use plastics from their operations by providing them with a water filtration system. Along with this economically-viable alternative, Econesia is also helping the industry reach its full sustainability potential by providing reusable replacements to single-use amenities such as mini bottles of shampoo, soap, dental kits, etc.


Econesia’s ambition is to radically transform the hospitality industry and retail sector in Indonesia towards zero-plastic-waste. We’re well on our way to saving more than 10 million plastic bottles and other single-use disposables on a monthly basis by 2022.

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