The first returnable packaging service for out-of-home food and drinks in Indonesia

What is Allas?

Allas is the first returnable packaging service in Indonesia. We aim to reduce and prevent single-use packaging waste, creating F&B ecosystem that brings wellness to people & planet. We provide returnable packaging for both F&B vendors & end-consumer, collect them back, clean & sanitized and track each of the packaging.

How Allas solves the problem of single-use food packaging waste

By providing returnable packaging for F&B and giving an option to customers, so customer can choose to get their meals or drinks in a more sustainable way.


Allas has been reducing 122,3 kg single use plastic wastes. By partnering with 20 restaurants and cafes in Jakarta, Allas has reached more than 700 subscribers. The solution has been used by other enablers like Greenpeace, GIDKP, KLHK, etc.

Awards and Partners

Allas has collaborated with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik (GIDKP) through The Collaborative Actions for Single-Use Plastic Prevention in Southeast Asia (CAP SEA) project to promote returnable and reusable food container in the food delivery.

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