Meet the team

With the Zero Waste Living Lab headquarters in Jakarta, our locally-based, globally-minded venture builders are fueling the reuse revolution. We believe in matching Enviu’s extensive experience building world-changing companies since 2004 and deep on-the-ground knowledge of local changemakers who know the ins and outs of local market dynamics, consumer behaviors, and regulations. 

These people crisscross Jakarta and beyond to pilot, validate, and pitch our ventures. We are building the dream from the ground up in an entrepreneurial way.

Let us introduce you to Enviu’s Zero Waste Living Lab dream team!

Eline Leising

Head of Program ZWLL

Darina Maulana

Indonesia Program Lead

Dieuwertje Nelissen

Chief Program Officer, Enviu

Bintang Ekananda

Venture Builder & Director of Alner

Lulu Khansa Komala

Senior Financial Lead

Laurencia Cindy Saputra

Venture Builder & Co-founder of Allas

Anne Poggenpohl

Venture Builder

Firda Istania

Venture Builder

Rajna Habibah Angsoka

Finance Associate

Firman Kurnia

Operations Lead, QYOS

Fajar Hidayat

Marketing Lead, Alner

Nanda Ramadhani

Operations Lead, Allas

Aldino Dwi Anugrah

Project Specialist, Alner

Adinda Sekar

Macomm Intern, Enviu

Andi Nostandi

Senior Finance Lead, Alner