Winning the Strive Innovation Fund 2023, Alner is Pioneering a Reuse Revolution

In a world inundated with single-use plastics and disposable packaging, the need for sustainable alternatives has never been more pressing. Alner, a trailblazing initiative, is committed to revolutionizing the way people consume everyday essentials. By harnessing the power of returnable and reusable packaging, Alner is reshaping the landscape of sustainability, one refill at a time.

At the heart of their mission lies a simple yet transformative concept: to eliminate single-use packaging at the source. Through strategic collaborations with leading brands, Alner facilitates the transition to refillable versions of conventional products, thus catalyzing the emergence of a circular reuse ecosystem. With hundreds of products now available in refillable packaging, they strive to make reuse as convenient and accessible as its single-use counterpart.

The impact of their endeavors speaks volumes. To date, Alner has successfully circumvented the use of a staggering 560,000 single-use, non-recyclable packaging items. Yet, this is merely a stepping stone towards their audacious objective: to prevent the usage of 10 million single-use non-recyclable items by January 2025. Such a feat would not only signify a monumental reduction of 1,500 tons of CO2 emissions but also exemplify their unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

Fueled by the momentum of their achievements, Alner is thrilled to announce their partnership with the Strive funding initiative. This collaboration heralds a new chapter of innovation and empowerment as they embark on enhancing their mobile application to empower small businesses and drive sustainable growth.

Their revamped mobile app is poised to revolutionize the landscape for small businesses, offering a plethora of features aimed at boosting performance and driving tangible results. From improved training modules to peer-to-peer learning initiatives and gamification for competition, Alner empowers entrepreneurs with the resources and tools necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Digital payment solutions serve as a cornerstone of their strategy, expanding the customer base and facilitating seamless transactions. Meanwhile, push notifications emerge as a vital conduit for real-time insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and seize opportunities proactively.

Central to their approach is a data-driven framework, leveraging analytics to optimize inventory, predict sales, and boost revenue for sales points. Through sophisticated algorithms and predictive modeling, Alner empowers small businesses to unlock their full potential and navigate complexities with confidence.

As Alner forges ahead on this transformative, systematic journey, they invite stakeholders, like FMCG industry champions, communities, government, and changemakers to join them in their quest for a circular future and break the chain of wasteful linear way of consumption. Read more on Alner’s winning publication with Strive Innovation fund here:

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