Maximising Impact: Bringing the first smart refill vending machine from Chile to Jakarta

Positive impact is realized not only by new ideas, but also by replicating models and adapting them to a new context.

Typically, we associate change with exciting brand-new innovations, fancy reusable cups, electric cars or hydrogen-powered vessels. But whilst less glamorous, it’s important we don’t underestimate the impact that can be created by replicating existing models and bringing them to new contexts.

Within the Zero Waste Living Lab, next to scaling and ideating new innovations, we create impact by doing just that – replicating disruptive business models to make zero waste the new normal. How? We scout for successful worldwide-known business models and we bring them to the Indonesian and Malaysian context, making them novel and scaling it up.

From Chile to Indonesia: QYOS by Algramo

Building new partnerships and collaborating with major industry players is key for creating big and immediate impact. 

Our venture QYOS has taken the concept of refillable homecare products and has brought it to Jakarta, Indonesia. Recently, it has partnered with Algramo, a company with 8 years of experience developing refill technology in Chile and in the United States.

With a new brand and new technology, we introduce QYOS by Algramo.

QYOS by Algramo is the result of the best of Algramo’s innovation applied to the Indonesian local context through a human-centered design approach. After having carefully researched and tested Indonesian consumer needs, QYOS new pilot has been created so to be useful for users and to be seamlessly integrated into their specific routine and existing shopping habits.

So what kind of differences exist between the original and the replication, and how do these better suit the local context? 

When looking into how Indonesia-based QYOS by Algramo differs from the Chilean model. We see 3 main differences:

  1. Being at consumers doorstep 24/7  

Instead of selling the products using tricycles as in Chile, in Indonesia QYOS by Algramo’s 24/7 user-friendly dispensers are strategically placed in high-density residential areas of apartment buildings. The reason is that we want our consumers to perceive the refilling to be a double saving: cheaper in price and time (no queuing in supermarkets, no time in traffic, and no potential money spent on additional stuff they were not intending to purchase, which so often happens when in the supermarket).

An additional positive impact of QYOS? By buying close to their apartments our consumers further decrease their carbon footprint.

  1. Product’s size

QYOS aims to change consumer behavior towards preferring reusable packaging versus the existing, heavily polluting choices such as sachets and pouches. 

To do so, QYOS aims to offer something that is already familiar to the public. Indonesian consumers are used to and prefer relatively small packaging due to the convenience and price, so QYOS offers smaller package sizes (in 1L package, and the option for customer to adjust their own preffered product portion amount), than its counterpart in Chile, where products get sold up to 3 l in bulk.

  1. New technology, adapted to the Indonesian consumer’s needs

Lastly, QYOS by Algramo’s technology adapts two main characteristics based on the existing context requirements: a digital wallet to enable self-service and 24/7 availability. 

Living in a residential building, our customers may come back at home at any hour of the day and night. In order to be able to offer them QYOS products at whatever time they feel the need to buy them, our kiosk is open 24/7 with a self-service option. 

Additionally, adapting to the shopping behavior of Indonesian consumers used to being able to choose the portion of the products in traditional markets, we have integrated such an option to our machines. Our consumers are able to choose their own preferred amount of product, according to their needs and budget.


Bringing the refill revolution in Indonesia, QYOS has been creating a positive impact for the environment and for customers, reducing the price of daily household items and eliminating single-use packaging.

Now, with Algramo’s technology our team expects to see an even bigger impact in the future. 

“For Algramo, this alliance with Enviu and the entry into Indonesia is a fundamental step in the fight we are taking against the ocean plastic crisis. We have created a cross-cutting solution to combat single-use plastics and we need it to be available to everyone as soon as possible. The more people, brands and countries join the “Refill Revolution”, the more chances we have of saving our oceans before it’s too late.”

José Manuel Moller, Founder and CEO of Algramo

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