Indonesia’s First Refill Vending Machine Launched

Jakartan residents living in apartment complexes will now have fast, easy and affordable access to daily household products without the burden of single-use plastics, thanks to our latest reuse venture: Qyos!

Plastic waste is currently one of the greatest threats to the health of Jakarta’s population and its environment as nearly 7,000 tonnes of this indestructible material finds its way to landfills and the city’s Final Waste Disposal Site (TPA) per day. Nearly 600 cubic metres of that waste is produced by apartment blocks and shophouses in Jakarta alone. By reducing the volume of waste at the source, the hope is to significantly lessen the load on these waste disposal sites, and on the costs incurred by property managers.

Qyos provides an automated refill vending machine, which is conveniently placed in the lobbies of high-density residences to help facilitate sustainable living and reduce obstacles to adopting a reuse lifestyle. The user-friendly refill vending machine offers a cheaper price point by eliminating the cost of single-use packaging, and providing an efficient and responsive supply chain mechanism powered by big data and the Internet. This way we make reuse more affordable and easily accessible than disposable packaging for Jakarta’s citizens!

“Refill vending machines,” explains Fazrin Rahman, lead developer and venture builder on the pilot project, “are easy to deploy and can operate 24/7 without the need for human attendants. The vending mechanism allows a precise distribution of products, giving customers access to cheaper price points, while also reducing the need to pay for plastic pouches.”

The integration of a touchless and cashless system, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, will also reduce the barrier for customers who want to try the products but are concerned with health safety. Customers are able to bring-your-own reusable container or rent one from the vending machine.

The product dispensing capabilities for this system is potentially limitless, from mass consumables to household and personal hygiene products such as dish soap and cooking oil. “The long term goal and vision of Qyos”, says Fazrin, “is to make sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle accessible and convenient for everyone. Ultimately, we want Qyos to be the automated convenience store similar to 7/11, but instead providing services for a sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle!”

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