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The beautiful beaches, thick forests and unique ecosystems of Indonesia are threatened by a growing plastic problem. If not addressed the countries’ precious ecosystems and people’s health are at risk.
However, there are solutions. Our newest venture has the potential to stop 200,000 bottles entering the ocean each year – and that’s just for one hotel.

Hotels can be leading the plastic-free revolution

It’s no great secret that disposable plastics are a major environmental hazard, a main source of disposable plastics is the ubiquitous plastic bottle. So in an effort to reduce the environmental damage caused by plastic pollution, we’ve built our latest reuse venture Econesia with the aim to eliminate single-use plastic bottles in hotels.

Econesia provides services and products to make the hospitality sector fully zero waste and plastic pollution free. The launching product is a full-service drinking water solution to reduce single-use plastic bottles in the hospitality sector. 

Econesia enables hotels to cut costs and keep Indonesia’s beaches clean, protects the well being of marine life, animals and people, whilst at the same time creating a sustainable travel experience for visitors.


Choose to Reuse – “it’s trendy and tasty”

Just last month in October 2019 Econesia launched its first pilot with one hotel in Central Jakarta. The hotel provides its guest’s with reusable glass bottles filled with freshly filtered water right as they check in.

First results show that the hotel guests welcome the idea and embrace the change from throw-away to reuse: “It’s a good practice for reducing plastic.” However, it wasn’t just the idea of circular use that convinced the hotel guests: “The bottle is so good and trendy, the water itself also tastes good!”.

Once empty guests can easily drop their bottle at a hotel pick up point where the used bottle will be sanitized and made ready again for reuse. Freshly filled bottles can be picked up at the reception or guests order a refill through the room service. A smooth and convenient move away from single-use plastic to reusable glass.

Assessing the need for change

Sustainability is a growing demand towards hotels on Bali. It is perceived as a competitive advantage when targeting international tourists. Managers and people working in the hospitality sector are aware of the development and seek for solutions to become plastic-free. However, struggles and doubts about the right installation, costs, time consumption, maintenance and the risk of the unknown make them hesitate to take the step.

“Such systems are too expensive to set it up and we have limited space, time and the maintenance is difficult to control”

Local homestay owner on Bali

Currently, there is no affordable full-service system available for the hospitality sector in Indonesia. Seeing the market opportunity and the pain points as well as the needs from the hospitality sector, Econesia worked on a simple solution for hotels to eliminate single-use plastics while enabling immediate cost-savings. The system does not take a lot of space and the workflow is easy and fast for the staff. As far as cost are concerned the return on investment, based on the pilot hotel, was calculated with two months.

“Water filters are a no-brainer in terms of cost-savings and impact – the average return on investment is after several months!”

Local consultant for hotels on Bali

In general, not only the costs, but also employees and guests are enthusiastic about Econesia’s solution. The pilot phase already shows that the intensive efforts are bearing its first fruits.

The glass bottles in the hotel are, so far, a great success. In the first phase of its pilot, Econesia has already proved its model. First responses from guests show that Econesia’s reuse solution meets the demand of travelers and tourists on the spot. “Hope it can be applicable for all rooms in the future” and “I am in support of this program” are just a few voices from visitors.

Econesia offers a full-service system for hotels to go plastic-free and to cut costs. Sustainability is often perceived as a competitive advantage when targeting international tourists. When partnering up with Econesia, hotels can provide their guests with a sustainable experience, make them feel better about their stay and help to conserve the precious natural resources without any additional effort.

If you want to find out more about our activities, please get in touch with anne@enviu.org or jesse@enviu.org.

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